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Business Support in Pembrokeshire and Pembrokeshire Business Directory

Are you running a business in Pembrokeshire? Are you planning to start a business? Do you need help and advice? There are a number of Business Support Organisations throughout the county, ready to help!

Business Directory:

Visit our Business Directory to easily browse the categorised listing of many local businesses.

We are currently modifying the database structure and general look and layout of our directories and therefore don't accept any new free listings at the moment. Please call back soon to check if the facility to add your business is available again.

Business Support Grant:

The County Council launched the Business Support Grant in March 2004, It is a discretionary grant scheme, part funded by Objective 1, and is designed to provide a county-wide business support service in order to create and protect local employment.

The scheme will support project sizes up to £10,000 at a rate of up to 50%, although projects over £10,000 can be considered. For further help and advice, please contact the Business Development Team at the County Council on 01437 776172.

Jobs in Pembrokeshire


PBI Group:

The PBI Group is the premier deliverer of business support within the County, having over 20 years experience and a successful track record of providing a quality and professional service to the local community.

Their experienced specialist business consultants and support staff are available to help you take the first step or indeed the next step in business and assist with every aspect of business support.


The Pembrokeshire Partnership Local Action Plan has a key objective "to regenerate communities within Pembrokeshire by facilitating an enterprise culture".

The PLANED LEADER+ initiative is designed to help to develop a change in the thinking of local people so that looking for entrepreneurship opportunities over the widest range of activities and resources becomes part of the way of life.
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