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Pembroke Castle

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Pembroke Castle dominates the Town of Pembroke. It is a mighty, stone build Norman Castle, founded by Roger of Montgomery in 1093.

Let history come to life at Pembroke Castle

Pembroke CastlePembroke Castle is an imposing building. Located in the centre of the town of Pembroke, it is one of the most impressive Norman castles in south Wales, first established in 1093, when the Norman Conquest of Wales was far from complete.

In 1138, it became the property of Gilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke. Eventually it was given to Jasper Tudor along with the earldom, and he brought his widowed sister-in-law, Margaret Beaufort, to the castle to give birth to her only child, the future King Henry VII of England (1457).

Pembroke CastleIn 1648 Cromwell besieged the town and castle, which withstood the attack for some time. After the inhabitants were finally forced to surrender Cromwell order for parts of the stone walls to be destroyed.

Today, Pembroke Castle is owned and managed by a Private Charitable Trust. Over the past 10 years much effort has been made to bring the history of the castle to life. In this respect the visitor will find an exhibition room telling the fascinating history of the castle from the arrival of Arnulf de Montgomery to the present day, in addition there are a number of exciting tableaux depicting various moments in the castle's history such as the birth of Henry VII.

The castle and a well stocked gift shop are open all year. There is a Snack Bar open from February to the end of November and a Brass Rubbing Centre open during the summer months and at other times by arrangement.

Call 01646 684585 for more information or visit the Pembroke Castle website.